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Shopping In Your Best Friend’s Closet

Expresso custom walk in closetMy Closet is filled with an extensive wardrobe that consists of the the basics that every woman should have:

  • The little black dress
  • The classic quilted Channel handbag
  • The Judith Leiber evening bag
  • The navy blue suit
  • A few great thick cashmere sweaters
  • Cool designer jeans
  • A hip denim jacket
  • Tori Burch ballet flats

But, every now and then, I look inside my walk-in closet and I’m stuck!  I view my hanging sections, shelves and shoe cubbies and feel like wearing something new.

This does not happen on a daily basis, but may occur if I have a big up-and-coming business meeting and don’t feel like wearing my navy blue suit again.Now I have 2 options.
1) I can hit the stores or….
2) “Shop” in my best friend’s closet!
Typically I go with the second option, my best friend’s closet.  First and foremost she has impeccable taste in clothing and accessories.  Secondly, we wear the same size in shoes and clothing. How lucky is that?!  Last but not least, it’s FREE and I get to spend some quality time with my best friend!

So, when I want to borrow something I give my best friend a call.  I tell her what the occasion is and see if she has any suggestions. She always does and we make a date to meet in her closet!

I know her closet like the back of my hand.  Not only because she is my best friend, but also because I designed and organized it for her.  She has over 100 pair of shoes displayed on Lucite slanted shoe shelves and over 100 handbags organized by designer between clip on Lucite dividers.  Her hanging is color coordinated and her costume jewelry is displayed inside numerous velvet lined pull out trays.  Her closet is gorgeous and looks like you are inside an upscale boutique with a crystal chandelier.

It’s so spacious we would have coffee and chat in there.  She’d have some garments already selected for me hanging on various valet rods around the closet.  She would also show me additional items from the closet that she thinks would be perfect for me for that particular event.  We’d laugh, try on different things, look in the mirror, and we have fun!

The shopping day in her closet is always a success.  I never leave empty handed and always feel great after we spend the day together.  She has been my closest and dearest friend for over 20 years.  I intend on keeping her as my best friend!

Do you borrow clothes or accessories from a friend?  Well, if you do, here are a few etiquette tips so that your friend stays your friend!

  1. Borrowing should not occur on a frequent basis.  If you borrow too often your friend may be reluctant to lend to.
  2. You should return all borrowed items within one week… If you need them longer be sure to let your friend know in advance.
  3. All garments should be returned clean.  If it requires dry cleaning then by all means send it to the cleaners.
  4. Accessories and shoes should be returned in the same condition you received them.  If you damage something you need to replace it.
  5. Reciprocation is part of the bargain.  If she wants to borrow something from you be prepared to gladly lend it to her.
  6. Always Smile and say Thank You!!!!!  It goes a long way!


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