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Quality Closet Hangers Give Your Closet A Boutique Look

A set of colorful blouses hang on wooden hangers

Over the years, closet hangers have gained importance as an important ingredient for bedroom closets to help keep clothes attractive, visible, and organized. To help you better understand how to best use closet hangers inside your closet, Closet Factory has teamed up with to create a comprehensive guide book on closet hangers, called, “A Guidebook to Hangers”. This enchiridion will show you how to use hangers to organize your closet. It will also teach you how to replace mismatched hangers with specific hanger styles.  Speciality clothing items like long dresses, sweaters, or swim wear need specific hanger types.

You can download your free hanger guidebook here.

Create a Boutique Feel Inside Your Closet by Using Correct Hangers

One great way to create a boutique closet environment is to accessorize your closet with quality hangers. Use uniformed hangers that are designed for specific garments. This will make your closet look showroom beautiful. Quality closet hangers create organization and beauty by keeping clothes neatly and securely hung rather than hanging loosely before falling to the ground in a confusing heap! Used in conjunction with a custom closet system, hangers also allow you to see exactly what clothing items you have inside your closet so you can easily get dressed for the day.

As part of our “Guidebook to Hangers” booklet, we have presented some tips on how to help you to create a gorgeous looking closet that also functions better.

Five Hanger Strategies for Keeping Your Closet and Clothing Looking Their Best:

#1: Invest in Good Hangers

Here’s a little-known fact: the majority of your clothes will sit on a hanger for 95 percent of its life.  Use a cheap or incorrect hanger, and you will literally deform your shirts, jackets, pants, and even neckties, making these items unwearable over time. Indeed, quality hangers matter, especially when you consider the amount of money most people spend on their clothes. (New York fashion designer Elizabeth Cline recently stated that the national average for clothing expenditure is roughly $1,100 a year.)

#2: Never Use Wire Hangers

The only time you should allow your clothes to be hung on wire hangers is when you’re coming home from the dry cleaners. Hang your clothes on wire hangers for an extended period of time, and your clothes will be severely misshaped. In general, the more formal or heavy your clothes, the you thicker, broader, more substantial hanger should be.

#3: Use matching hangers.

Buy the same hangers for all of your clothes. Keep your clothing from getting wrinkled and make your closet look more organized by keeping the hanger styles consistent.

#4: Group extra hangers.

When you take clothing off of a hanger, move all empty hangers to the same area. This could either be on a hanging rod, a valet rod, or hanger stand. Do this to keep your hangers from getting tangled, and save space.

#5: Face clothes in the same direction.

When you put your clothes back into your closet, face all of your shirts the same way. If you are putting back shirts, make sure all of the fronts of the shirts and dresses face left. This strategy not only creates an elegant image for you as you look inside your closet.  It also allows you to see all clothes from the same perspective. Another good tip to keep track of what you wear is to turn hangers around in the opposite direction once you use a garment. After time, you will see what clothes you wear all the time and what garments you might want to think about discarding.

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