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Purge These 8 Things From Your Home Right Now!

If you find that you’re unable to make a dent in your clutter, chances are the source of it could be due to an accumulation of certain common items in your home.

The following things tend to be stuff that we have reservations about letting go primarily because we believe they may be of use somewhere down the line, only for them to never be used again. Purge these now as you will be glad you did later.


stack of magazines

Magazines might be a helpful tangible source of information to refer back to or just look at when bored. However, people tend to always look for the newest information and content and won’t even bother to go back to their old magazines on their shelves or in their drawers. Donating or recycling them is recommended.


messy make-up on counter

As good as it might feel to have several options when it comes to makeup, some options just get old or outdated after a period of time. It’s recommended that you get rid of the following makeup products in the following timeframes:


Powders – After 2 years

Mascara – After 3 months

Concealers – After 18 months

Foundation – After 15 months

Eyeliner – After 3 months

Lip gloss – After 2 years



jars of spices

We buy spices thinking that we’re going to make a whole slew of delicious food with them, but we only end using a little bit or none at all. Not only does this take up valuable space in your pantry, but it also creates clutter that has most likely already expired. Recycle the spice jars and throw away the expired spices immediately.

Old Electronics

old computers

Why do you still have that Nokia phone from the early 2000’s or that Game Boy with the broken screen? These just end up taking valuable drawer space. Recycle them or sell them online for people looking to buy parts.


plaid fabric

If you find that you and your family aren’t using those towels and blankets from several years ago, it’s probably time you let them go. A great place to donate them is to animal shelters, where cute puppies and kittens can use them to stay warm and sleep comfortably.


medicine bottles

People always seem to forget that even medicine has an expiration date. Generally, they keep a stash of different kinds of medicine in a medicine cabinet so that they can be prepared for the worst at a later point in time. Do yourself a favor and rid yourself of your expired medicine and restock with fresh new containers.


toy truck

One of the biggest wastes of space in a home, toys that haven’t been played with for more than a year have no business taking up space in a home. Bag these suckers and donate them to a local donation center.

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