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Preparing For Spring Cleaning – Part One

Are you ready for Spring Cleaning? This time of year many people take advantage of the change of weather to really clean their homes and get organized. Here are some areas to focus on to make your house ready for the rest of the year.

  1. Buy Cleaning Supplies

    – Prior to beginning cleaning your home, stock up on all new cleaning products. There are many brands that are not harmful to the environment. Get everything you need including fresh rags. This will have you prepared for tackling this project.

  2. Tackle One Room At A Time

    – To get the house feeling fresh, it is time to give it a good scrub inside. This would include wiping down walls, washing baseboards, cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture Remove plug and light switch cover plates and wash them. Drapes should be dry cleaned, windows washed, and wood furniture polished. Handle one room at a time. Use cleaners with fresh aromas such as lemon to give each room a great smell.

  3. Clear Gutters and Outside Drains

    – Spring can also bring rain showers. By clearing debris from gutters and drains, water can drain properly.

  4. Prepare the Outside of the House

    –If you have a wood deck or fence, take the time (or hire someone) to refinish them so that they are protected from the elements and will last longer. Use high pressure water to clean the outside of the house. It gives you an opportunity to see if the outside of the house needs to be painted or other repairs should be made.

  5. Get the Yard, Barbeque and Outside Furniture Ready

    – This is a good time of year to clean the outside furniture so that it is ready to use. Scrub the grill on the barbeque and clean the outside so that it is shiny and ready to cook. Of course, Spring also brings growth of grass, plants and flowers. Take the time to make your yard beautiful and the way you want it. If you have a garden, select the type of vegetables and fruits you want to plant and enjoy.

Well, that was a good start wasn’t it? I still  have

5 more

Spring Cleaning tips that I recommend youadd to your to-do list! Read: Preparing For Spring Cleaning – Part Two

By: Kathryn LaBarbera of Closet Factory Los Angles & Orange County

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