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Pantry Organizers: A Purrfect Solution

You’ve custom organized your walk-in closet and your kids’ closets. You’ve created spiffy shelving systems for your bathroom, kitchen, and garage, but aren’t you forgetting about someone?

If you still can’t figure it out, that little, furry paw scratching at your ankle is one huge hint – your beloved pet!

Yes, Fido and Felix need closet storage solutions, and your animal companion’s life gets even more delightful when you automatically know the location of their pertinent items.

The Cat’s Meow

A Customized Pet Pantry is a dream closet idea for neatly organizing Fido’s kibble, Felix’s wet food cans, Polly’s bird seed. It can also store everyone’s treats, grooming supplies, toys, outfits (if you have a miniature Chihuahua), special medicines, vet information, pet sitter details and play date schedules.

Don’t Make Ruff Rough It

Organization creates a better life for you and your fluffy friends. Some tips:

1 – Store your heaviest items, such as big-buy kibble bags, on bottom shelves or in low-level, easy-to-pull-out, sturdy, metal baskets.

2 – For quick-to-go-stale dry foods, create a neat pull-out structure section – systemized in see-through, airtight, plastic bins.

3 – See-through, clear-front, labeled drawers are go-tos for medicine, toys, vet info, collars and leashes while neat, color-coded, closet shelving systems perfectly divide food varieties, nutritional supplements, and grooming goods.

Something to Tweet About

If your house teems with a veritable menagerie, it’s fun (and useful) to apply visual prompts for each pet’s special organization area. Try a colorful parrot picture for Peter’s shelves, a scruffy Terrier photo for Fido’s drawers and a cute cat icon for Esmeralda’s items.

Closet Factory understands that your cherished pets are a beloved, important part of your family. A custom pet pantry is the ultimate pet treat, and it’s time to give your adored animal companions the very best from us.



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