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Organizing Kid Hand Me Downs – DIY Tips

I used to think that having three children of the same gender was the “ultimate in recycling.” I figured that I could justify buying the expensive pair of kid shoes and get six feet through the set bringing my cost per wearing down into mere pennies. Well, ha ha! The joke is on me.

Without a good strategy for organizing kid hand-me-downs, I find that I don’t discover the box of 2T pants until I don’t need it anymore. And, you know what else? Even the expensive toddler shoes don’t last that long after the abuse my little ones dish out.

I spoke with mom of five children, Meagan Francis (AKA the Happiest Mom, you should totally be reading her blog) about how she processes hand-me-downs and she shared her ingenious strategy. After many different attempts with bins, totes, and lists, she has discovered the best system for keeping current with the size, season, and style of clothes for each of her kids.

Her method takes two full days each year but really cuts down on accidentally skipping the right size.

Twice per year, she folds, sorts, and separates all her boys’ clothing into two categories – using right now, and not using right now – and stores everything from the “not” category together in one huge bin. 

I can always count on her wisdom and experience to save me from spinning my wheels too much. I love how her technique minimizes handling of each item; doesn’t get messed up by variations in sizing; and factors in the change of seasons.

Read more about Meagan at The Happiest Mom and Four Kids or More.

More from Megan: I’m the author of four books, including two upcoming titles: The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets To Enjoying Motherhood (in conjunction with Parenting magazine, to be released in April 2011) and One Year To An Organized Life With Baby (co-authored with NYT Bestselling author and Closet Factory Guest Blogger Regina Leeds).

Article by: The Rookie Moms

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