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Organizing Your CDs and DVDs in 4 easy steps

Organizing Your CDs and DVDs in 4 easy stepsA large collection of Books, CDs and DVDs is visually disturbing but you should feel assured that keeping these items organized is very efficient when you stick with consistent and attractive storage.  I love using Closet Factory products to help clients with storage of Books, CDs and DVDs. We can build custom storage products that are attractive, affordable and a very good investment in space saving.
With the holidays approaching I do like to get my CDs and DVDs in place because they often serve as entertainment for guests. So let’s look into organizing these three areas today. You will be starting out organized when looking for holiday music and movies this season. It’s easy. Ready?

Getting started

  1. Gather all books CDs and DVDs
  2. If you keep in original cases be sure all are in the proper place and storage container is in good condition
  3.  For sorting make three piles:
    • Toss  (throw away pile)
    • Keep (clean and put away in designated space)
    • Sell /donate (make arrangements to do this immediately)

4. Lastly sort Books and CDs by Artist, (then title) and sort DVDs by title
Once organized

    •  Develop this one simple habit; once you are finished with any Book, CD or DVD put them away. It takes less than a minute if you have a system in place.
    • Once a month rotate CDs you keep in your car. Return borrowed books.
    • Once a year review your collections and repeat the “Toss, Keep and Sell” process again. This will keep your libraries fresh, current and in use.

Next month Organize Your party!

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