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How An Organized Custom Closet Takes The Stress Off Mom

Mothers do a lot for their kids.

Whether it’s preparing meals for them, driving them to and from school, or cleaning their rooms, mothers are the engines that help keep children running like a well-maintained car. However, engines wear out over time, and this is no different for moms.

Having to look for little Stella’s light-up Frozen sneakers in the morning, stepping on Kevin’s Star Wars Lego piece (ouch), or coordinating that perfect outfit to appear somewhat capable at Parent’s Day can cause multiple throbbing headaches and stress. Now, it’s silly to think any one thing can get completely get rid of the hardships of parenthood, but there is something that can alleviate stress. What is that, you ask? Why, a custom closet of course! How does a custom closet help relieve a mom’s stress? Funny you should ask…

Moms can see where everything is!


How “Mooooooooom, do you know where my _______ is?” is a ritualistic phrase mothers hear all the time and definitely get sick of. Thankfully, a custom closet can save the day, as it can be designed to store whatever is needed in visually easy places to access.

A kid's closet, making it easy for parents to select clothes

Just imagine it: play toys in a basket, formal outfits all in one place, all their school clothes sorted by color. Next time a child asks where something is, the magic words are, “In the closet, dear.”

This means more time for moms!

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Say a mother didn’t have a custom closet and it took her 30 minutes to find her child’s shoes. Those 30 minutes spent looking for Frozen sneakers could have been used to relax with an ice cold Americano in the backyard or do an intense P90X session to sculpt an amazing body. Time is valuable, people. Don’t waste it!

Kids get ready for school quickly and efficiently!


This next point coincides with the previous one. If clothes and other belongings aren’t in their proper places, there will be much searching and fumbling, more so than when we do our yearly Form – 1040s. If being unorganized is the reason why a daughter misses her morning biology test, you can bet that will rest on a mother’s conscious for months to come.

Finally, it keeps the home tidy!

Realistically speaking, unless a mother’s children are overly ecstatic to help out with cleaning or the husband isn’t too tired from his long workday, a stay-at-home mother becomes responsible for keeping the house clean. Having a custom closet or two installed at home provides the family with a go-to area for whatever they need. Custom closets allow everybody to have their own storage spaces arranged in a manner that suits them. Most things that get left out are either from sheer laziness or confusion of where to put them after use. A beautiful home is a happy home. Fact.

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