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10 Things to Purge to Start Your Organizing Resolution Off Right!

New Year’s is a time to reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly moments of the past year, including the clutter that’s amassed in your home. Making a resolution to get more organized is one thing, but setting yourself up for success requires a little more than wishful thinking.

To get your New Year’s organizing resolution off on the right foot, here are 10 things you probably have lying around that can go straight in the garbage, recycling bin, or that bag you plan on donating to GoodWill but has been sitting in the back of your car for the past four months.

Shoe & Garment Boxes


Most of us hold onto shoe and garment boxes just in case things don’t end up fitting. That’s OK – for the first few weeks. Now that another year has gone by, it’s time to recycle these common pieces of closet clutter.

Bonus Tip: If you love collecting shoes, invest in a custom shoe shelf for your closet. Shoes that end up in a pile on the floor will get damaged.

Chargers to Devices You No Longer Own


Chargers are another common item people hold onto ‘just in case’ they find the device to match it. Odds are, those devices are either outdated, lost for good, or broken. Take 10 minutes to collect any chargers that might be hiding under the couch or in that big box of miscellaneous tech you’ve been hoarding in the event that someone just so happens to be looking for a Zune, and toss them all.

Excess Gifting Materials


Gift bags, old bows, and that cardboard tube with exactly one sheet of giftwrap left – there’s no bigger mental block to your organizing resolution than holiday clutter.

Magazines More Than a Month Old


I don’t care how much you love Branjelina: you’re never going to re-read that article about why they got divorced. Gather up any magazines that are over a month old and recycle them.

Bonus Tip: If you really, really love taking those quizzes, just clip them out and paste them into a scrapbook for latter. No need to save an entire magazine for something that takes up half of a page.

Expired Prescriptions


Not only are expired prescriptions cluttering up your medicine cabinet, they can be incredibly dangerous, especially in homes with children. Purge them ASAP. Make sure you check under the sink, too.

Towels That Have Lost Their Softness


Imagine you wake up on New Year’s Day ready to tackle your organizing resolution. You take a nice hot shower, but then – oh no. A worn out, dingy towel awaits. Treat yourself to a new bathroom set this year. Not only do new towels feel good, they look good when guests come over, too.

Paid Bills


If possible, try to go paper-less in 2017 with email reminders and autopays that will help you keep track of your bills. Unless you’re keeping specific bills for tax purposes, if they’ve already been paid, go ahead and shred them.

Bonus Tip: Download a scanner app for your smartphone and scan any bills or documents you’re too afraid to get rid of. You can then upload those scans to a cloud-based storage system, or keep them on a family hard drive.

That Mass of Receipts & Warranties


Maybe you keep them in a ziplock bag, or an old shoebox in the garage, but somewhere in your house lurks a mass of old receipts and warranties. Take a good long look in the mirror and tell yourself: “I don’t need the warranty for that humidifier I bought four Christmases ago.” Unless it’s proof of purchase for an expensive item like a computer or TV, or a warranty for something you bought within the past two years, it’s safe to toss.

Restaurant Menus


Have you heard of this thing called the Internet? It’s where everyone is finding the menus for their favorite restaurants these days. Best of all, these digital menus take up zero space in your kitchen junk drawer!

Busted Jewelry


Jewelry is often one of the hardest items to part with, because most pieces come with a memory or some sort of sentimental value. However, if you weren’t motivated enough to fix those busted pieces of jewelry in 2016, what makes you think 2017 is going to be any different? Stop hoping that missing earring is going to magically appear and move on with your life.

Bonus Tip: The best way to ensure your jewelry collection stays pristine is by incorporating a jewelry drawer into your closet. Drawer dividers and compartments can even be customized around individually pieces, ensuring nothing gets tangled or damaged.

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