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National Get Organized Week, Day One: The Pantry

Next week (October 6-12) is National Get Organized Week. We’ve put together a week of  “realistic victories,” home organizing tips divided into one small project each day of the week. Each project should take no more than an hour or two, yet pays huge dividends in your quest for order in the house.

Sunday, October 6

Pantry Organization

No, heaven forbid, not the whole pantry. Choose the shelf—or zone—with the most use and keep your focus on that. Here are some pantry organization tips for your messiest area:
What you will need:
1. Large trash bag
2. Wash rag
3. Mild cleaning spray
4. Small boxes and baskets
Estimated working time: 1 1/2 hours

What to do:
1. Pull everything off the shelf.
2. Sort—throw away expired items, consolidate and group like items together
3. Move items that belong on other shelves.
4. Gather sturdy boxes and baskets sized to fit item groups (snack box, baking box, etc.). Put as much as possible into these containers.
5. Wipe shelf and put everything back carefully.

If your pantry is ready for some serious improvements you may want to consider a custom pantry solution.

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