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Must Have Features In A Master Closet Dressing Room

Here are some of my favorite accessory trends used in luxurious master closet dressing rooms! Consider adding these features to upgrade your closet design.

A mirrored walk-in closet

Master closet dressing room featuring fully enclosed stained grey wood mirror door inserts.

Mirrors: This may seem like a given, but many people don’t actually have mirror inside their walk in closet.  If you are like me, you may make several clothing changes before deciding on what to wear. Now you won’t have to step out of the closet to look at the outfit you’ve just put on. You can opt for built in mirrors on the closet doors or get a large full-length framed mirror like pictured above. This is a great way to add some pizzazz to the space

A large walk-in with windows and mirrors

Master closet with dark stained wood featuring a island and custom lighting.

Closet Island: Most master closets have a custom island that is used for additional storage. It’s also great to have a flat surface for laying out accessories or planning an outfit.

A valet rod

The Hafele Synergy Elite Closet Valet is perfect for clothes hangers and hanging garment bags and mounts to the side panel of the cabinet.

Valet Rods & Hooks: These are a great way to display your favorite outfits or what you want to wear for the day. Many of our hardware accessories have a particular collection in the same color or shape.

A shelf full of organized purses

Lucite Dividers for clutch handbags.

Lucite Dividers:  My favorite way to store handbags upright on shelves, especially clutch handbags. This picture above is from the closet design for Celebrity Stylist Mary Alice Stephenson.

Master closet with hidden laundry hampers

Master closet with hidden laundry bins at the base of the design.

Built in Laundry Bins: These bins allow you to sort your clothing. I use mine to sort my darks, whites, and dry clean only laundry. That way they are not mixed into piles that need to be sorted later. These bins can also be incorporated into the closet wall unit (like pictured above) or designed to be hidden in a closet island.

A contemporary closet complete with seating area

Sitting area in contemporary closet dressing room design.

Sitting Area: As mentioned in the previous postCloset Design: Can you have a Walk In Closet Dressing Room, having a sitting area is a very practical way to try on shoes or even to sit and sort through and organize clothing. It also enhances the space to really transform it into a boutique style dressing room for your wardrobe.

For more closet storage and design ideas visit our Custom Closet Series gallery and request a free design consultation to get started on your master closet dressing room! 

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