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Messy to Marvelous Closet Makover

Closet Factory has been advertising in the home décor magazine, Colorado Homes and Lifestyles for 20 years. Throughout the years, the magazine has featured gorgeous master bedrooms, fabulous bathrooms and to-die-for kitchens. But closets always seemed to be missing from the high-gloss pages. “You begin and end your day in the closet,” Mark says, “so I thought, why not show the readers [of CH&L] how a closet can be functional as well as gorgeous to start and end your day in a peaceful, beautiful environment?”

Mark worked with the publisher of the magazine, Jennifer Williams, to develop a closet feature. He was tasked with finding a beautiful closet to exhibit in the piece, but instead, during a brainstorm session, a new idea came up: Why not create a closet to serve as an example of functionality and beauty? And thus, the Messy to Marvelous contest was born.

The goal of the contest was to find a disorganized closet, completely revamp it and then document how having a functional, organized closet has made a difference in the day-to-day lives of the owners. “It’s becoming more and more important for people to be organized,” Mark commented. “There has been a trend of extending the work being done in the bathroom or in the bedroom to the closet so the space isn’t only functional but can match or coordinate with the adjoining rooms. To find a closet that needs help and documenting the transformation from beginning to end is a great way to show [CH&L] readers not only the process of a closet makeover, but also how the end result can make life easier while still being beautiful.”

Stay tuned for the next installment where we discuss how the contest took shape and how a winner was chosen!

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