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Maximize Your Shoe Closet To Its Fullest Potential

Three people referencing a sheet of paperAs a self-proclaimed shoe hound, organization is key to maximizing your shoe closet to its fullest potential. Read below for key tips on how to edit your footwear and turn your closet into a stylish oasis.

  • Best if you have a built in closet organizer with adjustable shoe shelves. If you don’t, I recommend you invest in a high-quality wooden or sturdy metal shoe rack. If you don’t have room for a rack, clear plastic shoeboxes are also another great option.
  • Edit down and weed out shoes you never wear and donate them to your local Salvation Army. I’m a big fan of donating to charities and highly recommend you find a couple you like.
  • Separate your shoes into a summer and winter collection if you live in a region with drastic temperature changes.
  • Sort out the shoes by breaking up your footwear by style: dressy, boots, flats, heels, wedges, pumps, etc.
  • Within each category, arrange the shoes by color and then store them into their respective racks or clear bins for easy access.
  • Place the shoe category you wear the most, like Winter boots, in the most accessible location.
  • Store less utilized shoes in a more discreet location like your top shelf.

Tip: During the winter months, make sure your shoes are properly dried before storing them back in the closet. For the finishing touch, add a bag of dried lavender or cedar wood to help keep your closet smelling fresh and clean.

Now that your shoe closet is nice and organized resist the temptation to cause disarray the next time you’re in a hurry. Maintenance is key; if you treat your shoes well, they’ll do the same.

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