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How To Make A Luxury Guest Room

So it just dawned on me that the Holiday season is approaching. Can you feel the change in the air? The crisp breeze of autumn??? Do you feel the wind blowing… and knock knock… guess who’s coming for dinner? Actually… guess who’s staying for the holidays! That’s right, you have holiday guests staying with you… oh what to do? Take a breath. Keep your composure. Preparing for holiday guests can be oh so stressful. The cooking, the cleaning, the complaining… or maybe that’s just my experience. So, lets make your holiday house guest experience a little easier! How? By creating a space that will make your overnight guest feel comfortable and most importantly, make them feel welcome!


  • Sleeping Quarters: How many guests are visiting and can you house them comfortably?  Whether you have a spare quest bedroom or a home office that can be turned into sleeping quarters, planning out their sleeping location is a key element to the comfort and privacy of your house guest.
  • Make Room: If you do not have a guest bedroom, consider investing in an air mattress for temporary quests. Although air mattresses are not the most comfortable they are a good option.  Murphy beds are great since they can easily be turned into wall unit and that room can resume its use as a home office or spare play room once your guest departs.
  • Clean Up: Make sure there are nice clean sheets and towels available to your guests Make sure your home is cleaned thoroughly. This includes the bathrooms, bedrooms, especially high traffic areas of the home.
  • Stock the Fridge: Make sure you have enough groceries to accommodate your invited guest. Be aware of their food tastes such as, organic only, vegetarian, wine, etc.
  • Guest Room Basket: A awesome that I’ve used is creating a guest basket! Some of my favorite basket items are filled with:
    • Travel Size Toiletries: Shampoo and Conditioner, Luxury Soap
    • Towels: Freshly Cleaned
    • Magazines or Books: Do not to use tattered books or magazines that may be out of date
    • Remote Control (If television is available in the guest room): Include a DVD or two that may be of interest to them
    • Snacks: Either a simple travel mix or organic dried fruit is always a nice late night snack
    • Beverages: Perhaps a couple bottled waters and a nice bottle of their favorite type of wine

I am happy to report that not only have I created a basket like this for my house guests, but I have also had the pleasure of having one waiting for me! For those of you who have a quest room  and not a hybrid with a home office, I suggest keeping a Guest Gift Basket inside year round! Your last minute house guests will love it.

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