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A Look Inside Rachel Zoe’s “Maje” Closet

Out of all the celebrity closets I covet, Rachel Zoe tops my must-haves list. Over the past couple of years, the celebrity stylist — who has worked with Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore, Kim Kardashian, and Debra Messing to name a few — has skyrocketed to stardom with her own Bravo TV reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project, giving everyone an inside look at her crazy, fashionable world. That’s not all; Zoe has also taken on designing her own full-fledged fashion collection complete with an amazing line of clothing, shoes, and accessories. So can only imagine what her closet looks like.

ABC recently took a trip inside Zoe’s closet to explore just what the stylist houses inside her fashion dome. As expected, it was filled to the brim with gorgeous shoes, I spied confections from Versace, Vivier, and Charlotte Olympia, sparkly tops, ‘70s inspired maxi dresses, and loads of perfectly tailored blazers. “As a stylist, I am a firm believer that all clothes, shoes, and accessories should be treated with a lot of respect,” said Zoe. “That is, dresses neatly hung up, heels places in labeled boxes, and jewelry laid gently out on trays for your viewing pleasure. This kind of organization will not only preserve the quality of your things, but also makes the process of putting together an outfit much less complicated than if everything was in disarray.” All of those drawers in her closet are surely filled with a treasure’s chest of new and vintage jewelry. The new mother also gave us a tour of her six-month-old son Skyler’s closet, where she showed us a selection of his bespoke designer shoes, mini knit cardigans from Missoni, and the cutest leather bomber jacket courtesy of Gucci. In Rachel’s words, I die. Just watch the videos, and you will too.

ABC video link of Zoe’s closet:

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