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Liven Up Your Entertainment Center With These Items

For the most part, the living room is the most prominent area of the home. Subsequently, the main highlight of the living room is the entertainment center. Usually, we decorate it with photos of loved ones, souvenirs from abroad, or some books, but many times, that seems to be the limit of people’s imaginations.

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and to make your entertainment center really pop, here are some items that can help yours feel fresh.

A good green plant

Plants may not seem like much, but they’re actually a great complement to any shelf. A small vase with good small-medium sized plant gives your entertainment center some variety in color. In addition, the air-filtering and oxygen-creating processes of plants fill your living room with clean breathable air for you and your guests.

LED lights

Few accessories scream, “Look at me!” more than lights. LED lights allow you to feature any items of your choosing while making the entire unit resonate with a shine that just can’t be described in words. WeMo lighting bulbs are a good choice, as they can be controlled via tablets/smartphones and can change colors.

Decorative letters

Our minds are programmed to immediately look at words when everything surrounding them is empty. Add decorative letters to create many different focal points to draw the eyes of family or guests toward. They’ll subconsciously be admiring the unit each and every time they read the words. For instance, putting words like “Love” and “Inspire” on the left and right side respectfully will sure to have people’s eyes glance over at them from time to time.


Accolades are excellent conversation starters and perfect items to display around a television because they spark people’s curiosity. It’s almost instinctive to ponder what the accolade was for and what the owner did to receive it. For certificates, a nice simple black frame works perfectly, and some can even be used to display medals.


Displaying bits and pieces of the past gives your entertainment center a beauty that you just can’t get by displaying modern items. Maybe it’s an old record player, radio, or even a camera. There’s just that indescribable sense of appreciation you get when you see an old knickknack.

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