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LA Clippers’ Superstar Chris Paul Trusts Closet Factory to Handle His Impressive Shoe Collection

Courtesy: Jada Paul

Los Angeles Clippers’ point guard and 2013 NBA All-Star MVP Chris Paul is serious about his shoes. The athlete has a massive shoe collection and wouldn’t trust just anyone to build an entire room devoted to his kicks. That’s why when it came time to build his ultimate shoe closet the Paul family called in the help of Closet Factory Los Angeles.

Chris and his wife Jada Paul worked with Closet Factory designer Stanley Selwyn to transform a large guest room into what the family now calls…“The Museum”.

Selwyn not only created this amazing shoe shrine, he designed and oversaw a complete remodel of other closets in the Paul’s home.

“The Paul’s purchased the house from singer Avril Lavigne. Their closets were part of the original design of the house, and built when the house was constructed. I came in and helped them remake the closets into something more practical for their unique needs”, says Selwyn.

“We love our new closets”, says Jada Paul.

According to Selwyn, the shoe closet can easily accommodate a minimum of 750 pairs of shoes.

CP3’s wife Jada posted the above photo to Instagram, which shows a portion of the completed shoe closet.

Article Written by Johnnya Burruss

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