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Kick Your Closet Clutter to the Curb

Written by: Kathryn LaBarbera –  Executive Vice President of Closet Factory

Are your closets so cluttered you can’t find anything? Do you get frustrated every morning when you go to get ready? For all of the people out there who have a hard time getting rid of some of your “stuff”, this information is for you!

First, you are not alone; many people have “over-cluttered” closets. We tend to hold on to clothes thinking we will wear them again when they come back in style or we will keep clothes in different sizes for when we lose weight. No matter the reason the clothes in the closet not being used. However, there are some things that can be done to tame the clutter before getting overwhelmed.

Grab a Box

Take all of the clothes that you have not worn in the past twelve months and put them neatly in the box. For this to work you have to be honest with yourself and really move the items you have not worn. Write the word “donate” on the box and date it six months into the future. If you miss any particular item of clothing during the next six months, go to the box and remove that article of clothing. Do not take out anything else out or go through the clothes. Remember they are in the box because you were not wearing them.

Date and Donate

If you don’t miss anything when the six months are up, then donate the box. But remember do not open the box! Just donate it to your favorite charity. Not only will you have a clutter-free closet and be able to find the things you wear, but the clothes you donate will benefit others in need.  This truly is a win-win for everyone involved.

You can follow the same steps with your shoes, linens and children’s clothes. It’s a great habit to start on an annual basis. For any self-admitted packrats, the first time will be the hardest. But don’t worry, it gets easier and you will love the results!

If you are truly petrified, ask a good friend to come and help out.  Turn it into a fun afternoon with some wine and cheese. The best part about including a friend is that you can be sure she’ll tell if it’s something that you should not keep.

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Thank you Closet Factory Los Angeles for providing some great tips on clearing clutter.

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