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Is A Custom Closet from Closet Factory Worth It?

A custom closet will change your life. Closet Factory has been in the business of transforming our clients’ homes for 40 years, and we’re proud of the impact we’ve made on so many people’s lives. But don’t take it from us! Let’s hear from some of our satisfied clients from across the internet and across the country.

Our Clients

On Trustpilot, Closet Factory has a 4.5 Star Rating from more than 1,200 reviews. In fact, more than 85% of our reviews are 5 Stars!

A Great Experience

Reviewer NH just recently had a custom closet installed in their new home which has some “unique structural features” which made closet installation tricky. Closet Factory designers are prepared for unusual or unique spaces, and as NH said, “The designer who visited us, Terry Pasko, was the only representative from 3 competitive companies who understood these unique features, and she developed a spot-on proposal in accord with our budget.” Clients like NH are our favorite, because they give our designers and installers a chance to flex their creativity to get the project done beautifully even in unique spaces.

Coming Back for More

Michael Rosenberg says “great process from start to finish. This is our third or fourth (I lost count) project with [Closet Factory].” And he’s not alone! Many of our clients have multiple installations after they discover how much their new closet has changed their lives.

Some clients, like Kathryn Lowry, have their whole house done! “We are so excited about how Closet Factory has completed our home! We have the laundry room, butler’s pantry, food pantry, office closet, family room closet, and 5 bedroom closets…. Thanks, Closet Factory for a superior product…!”

The Benefits of a Custom Closet

One of our many happy clients

Let’s talk value. Did you know that the Property Brothers list a finished closet as one of the best ways to increase your home’s value? In fact, Space Envy notes that a custom closet – or custom storage throughout your house – will not only add a wow factor to your home, but actually add a real dollar value when it comes time to sell – an average addition of $2,000 dollars!

In day-to-day usage, a custom closet far outperforms a prebuilt or DIY solution. By having a custom closet installed, you guarantee that any problems that might come up are addressed during the design phase. Having an expert designer working with you to create your closet design means you get the look you want, and they make sure it works the way you want.

What Does Truly Custom Mean?

Many companies offer custom closets — or at least claim to. Knowing the difference between “custom” and truly custom is important when deciding how you want to upgrade your closet.

Closet Factory offers a vast array of color options, materials, and accessories that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Our designers work with you from the initial design all the way until final installation, and they make sure your needs and desires are the reason behind every decision.

Here’s the thing with truly custom closets: No matter your design, we make it specifically for you. That means no two designs will ever be the same, because no two people or their homes are the same. And our library of accessories means that no matter how specific your needs are, we will design a closet that fits them.

Let’s Talk – It’s Free!

Whether you’re ready to start designing the custom closet of your dreams or you still aren’t convinced they’re worth it, sign up for a free design consultation with one of our expert designers by filling out the dropdown above or by giving your local Closet Factory a call!