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How To Incorporate Family Photos Into Your Office Décor

As you sit in your office chair typing away on your keyboard, stop and take a moment to realize why you’re working and, more importantly, who you’re working for.

Chances are, you’re working to provide your family with a safe and happy lifestyle. In exchange, they provide you with unconditional love, encouragement, and motivation to help get you through your toughest days.

family office decor

As painful as it is to be separated from your loved ones for most of the week, you can help make the situation a little better by having photos of your children, significant other, or the whole family in your office to glance over at whenever you need some motivation. Of course, there are effective ways of integrating your family photos into your workspace to ensure that they fit seamlessly into overall décor while offering maximum visibility.

The following tips will help you incorporate your family memories into your office space, so you can draw inspiration from them on a daily basis.

Create a main gallery

decor family photos office

An office can look amazing if you have a gallery of large family photos and some empty wall space. Large photos of your children on white background without a frame can make your office feel like a professional studio. Kinko’s can help blow up your favorite images and make your loved ones feel like stars. Remember, you want to make this the centerpiece of your office.

Long shelves

photos family office decor

Instead of nailing holes in the wall, line up family photos on long shelves. This will allow you to tell stories such as your trip to the Bahamas or the growth of your beautiful children from infants to college grads. This is an excellent way to entertain your office guests as well as yourself. The key is to arrange your photos so that they paint a narrative without words.

Clear up desktop space

decor family office photo

The easiest way to incorporate family photos is, of course, on your desk. However, in order to achieve a beautiful décor, the top of your desk must be absolutely clutter free.

Invest in some drawer organizers to sort your paperclips, pens, whiteout, etc. Important papers and files should be stored in project jackets or poly file folders in drawers within arms reach. Lastly, if possible, place your computer monitor on a stand to create extra real estate on your desk.

Create a dynamic wall unit display

office family photos decor

If your office space has a wall unit, it can be used to create a display of family photos that absolutely POPS! The trick is to use photo frames of different sizes and place them adjacent to each other. Multiple shelves will keep the frames parallel to one another for a streamlined look.

Now, the first step is to gather all of your favorite family photos…

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