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How To Help Dad Organize His Tie Collection

Dad never complained when you bought him that glow-in-the-dark tie for his birthday (for a third year in a row), but after all of the handmade and ostentatious gifts that have ended up in the back of his closet, maybe it’s time we finally helped Dad take back his space.

Here’s how you can help Dad organize his tie collection in time for Father’s Day.

Untie the knot

organize your ties

How you decide to tackle organizing Dad’s closet depends on a number of factors, from his morning routine to the size of the space, but first, you want to make sure that all of his ties are untied. Leaving the knot for an extended period of time will ruin the shape of the tie, resulting in wrinkles.

Determine frequency

organize dads ties

Before figuring out where you’re going to store Dad’s ties, consider the different occasions he’ll need them for. Is he simply a ‘tie at work’ guy, or does he like to wear them out on the weekend, too? The more frequent the usage, the more visible the collection should be in order to reduce the time it takes to get dressed.

Pattern coordinating

tie organization

Solids go with solids, stripes with stripes, cartoons with cartoons. Organizing your Dad’s tie collection by pattern is the easiest way for him to decipher at a glance the best style of tie to go with his outfit each morning.

Color coordinating

organize ties

For those who want to take pattern coordinating one step further, organize Dad’s tie collection according to color. Start with red and follow the rule of ROY G BIV – red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and finally ending with violet.

By occasion

tie organize

Store work ties apart from formal ties and more casual ties if Dad is an instinctual dresser who prefers to choose his tie on the fly each morning. Organizing by occasion offers a view of the entire collection while compartmentalizing it into just the ties Dad needs to be able to find.

No wrong way to hang

ties and organization

How you end up organizing Dad’s ties also depends on how many he owns. A metal hanger that features five to seven hooks at the bottom and fits in his closet like a clothes hanger will suit smaller collections just fine. Spinning, motorized racks are helpful for larger collections, despite only showing Dad a few ties at a time. If he has the wall space in his closet, a tie rack provides the easiest access to Dad’s tie collection. However, if he prefers to feel like everything’s been put away in its rightful place, you might want to dedicate an entire drawer to his ties.

The right tie brings an outfit together, so keep Dad looking his best by helping him organize his tie collection this Father’s Day!

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