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Getting a Murphy Bed and Other Great Space-Saver Ideas for the Bedroom

Getting a Murphy Bed and Other Expansion Ideas for Improved Bedroom Space

Whether you’re living in a posh condo unit or a comfortable apartment, it’s certain that space will always remain to be a top consideration. Your budget is going to directly affect the amount of square footage you’ll be getting for your unit or property. Because of this, it’s only practical that you think of design ideas that will allow you to make the most of the space you have, no matter how limited.

Here are some great space-saving ideas that you can do so you don’t compromise on comfort and convenience.

Adjust the Scale of Your Furniture

Stocky pieces of furniture will only cramp an already small bedroom or apartment space. If you can get bespoke pieces with sizes that are proportionate to the scale of your room, then that’s a sure win for you.

The only problem here, however, is that custom-made items can get really costly. A way for you to do this without breaking your bank is to simply pick one or two items that you can get customized, like your couch or cabinet. Other possible items you can customize are the bed and coffee table, and get them some extra, hidden compartments for additional storage.

Utilize the Walls

Speaking of storage, you can have additional shelves lined up against the wall so you can put more of your stuff on them. You can dedicate an entire wall for a floor-to-ceiling shelving system with additional compartments for storage too. If it’s going to be an open shelf, however, make sure that you’re not just going to dump your stuff on it, otherwise it’s just going to look stuffy and messy.

Free up some more floor space too by hanging your TV on the wall instead of putting it on a console center. That free space could then be used for other purposes or be left as is for a more spacious appearance.

Get a Murphy Bed

Another thing you can do with the walls is to have built-in furniture flushed in them. One great example of this is the murphy bed, especially in a tight Miami, FL studio-type condo unit. Essentially, this is a bed you can fold-up inside the wall when not in use. If you don’t want to stow it away, you can fold it in half to make it into a couch instead.

What makes this a great idea is because its design is so multifaceted that it can easily cater to several of your spatial needs easily. Folding the bed away during the day gives your unit or bedroom some much-needed floor space. It’s easy to pull it out anyway, so tucking yourself in bed for some much-needed shuteye isn’t going to be a problem. On the aesthetic front, it also makes for a cool transition and use of space.

For bespoke items like this, you can get in touch with professionals like Closet Factory to make the most out of the space that you have.

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