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Getting Kids Organized for Back-to-School, Part I

“Mom I can’t find my…” are words I hear daily and sometimes more often than that. My kids just can’t seem to keep up with their things. I’ve tried almost everything to keep them organized, but nothing seems to help because everything always gets shoved under the bed or in the closet.  I even bought those colorful bins so they can keep all their toys together by type: Dolls, Animals, Cars, Doll clothes, and etc.  But they never put anything back into its home and the dogs eventually end up intermingling with the hair brushes and Legos.

I won’t even go into the massive search and rescue missions we have to endure to find the left tennis shoe or right rain boot. I’ve been tempted to just send the kids off to school with an unmatched pair explaining to everyone that they are just exploring their freedom of expression.

So what’s the solution for a frustrated mom who is tired of hearing every kid’s famous words, “Mom I can’t find my…”

Get organized.

To help kids get organized consider a custom storage solution that is easy for them to use and designed just for them! Often when buying a do-it-yourself kit, you will find that they aren’t really designed for kids, the rods will be too high or the drawers will be hard to open.

Closet Factory can work with you and your child to help design a space that is safe, functional and stylish, a space your child will want to play in. And more importantly a space they will WANT to keep clean.

Best of all, every shoe, toy, skirt, and sock will have a home, so you can spend your morning preparing lunch and getting them out the door on time!

How do you keep your child’s room organized?

If you are looking for some organizational inspiration, explore our Kids Rooms. If you have questions on how to style and organize your own child’s room, ask our expert designer on Facebook!

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