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Getting Your Closets Ready For Winter Wardrobe

Getting your closets Ready for Winter WardrobeWhat are the four most important things to keep in mind when shopping to fill your closets with your new winter clothes? In my 15 years of experience as a Closet Designer and Organizer I have helped my clients get their closets organized beyond what they believe were capable considering the amount of items they’ve accumulated. We would all prefer not to hassle ourselves and clean our closets every season. When we do, wouldn’t it be great to know how the professionals do it?

Well, you’re in luck. I’m going to share with you four tips on how to effectively tidy up your closets.

1. Purge. Purge. Purge.

Closet Charity or Consignment: Keep a small shopping bag in each one of your closets so that it will make it easier for you to purge and purge constantly. Every time you take something out and realize it hasn’t been worn in several years, or it still has the price tag on, then chances are, it’s too late to return it. If you know you’ll never wear it, put it in the bag! When the bag is full, take it to your local charity. Think of it as a double reward. You’ll rid your home of some clutter and your clothes will be appreciated by someone else . If you bring it to a Consignment shop, you’ll make some money to buy clothes that you’re going to wear!

2.  Sort. Sort. Sort.

Keep your clothes hanged or on shelves with like items placed together.
Pants, Skirts, Tops (hanged and folded), suits and dresses. You could even have fun and sort your closet by color. That is, until one of your friends psycho-analyzes that behavior.

3. Hang-up.

Treat yourself to good hangers. It will make your closet look more professional and classier. The thin, textured hangers are made so that clothes don’t fall off and end up on the floor. If they happened to all match, then get rid of the wire and big fat plastic hangers that makes you look like you love the dollar store way too much.

4. Shoes.

Get them off the floor! As I tell my clients, every woman has to store between 60 and several hundred pairs of shoes. You can use shelves, cubbies or a combination of both. For those with smaller apartments, build a “Shoe Cabinet” three feet wide and eight feet tall, as I have with many of my clients. What woman wouldn’t love to have that? All of her shoes in one nice place where she can easily find them?

Follow these steps and you will have more space and money for your new winter wardrobe. Always Remember, what you see you use!

Find out how you can save money, time and space by downloading your own Personal Closet Inventory Worksheet. Browse our project gallery for some inspiring ideas.

Written by: Sandy Sabrin

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