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The Denim Jacket Trend 2012: Closet Must Have For Fall

One of my recent posts discussed the maxi dress trend for summer. Looks like that trend is quickly carrying on to the fall season, with an extra addition…the blast from the past classic wash denim jacket.

It’s time to dust off your jean jacket. Favored by the likes of Ruby Aldridge, Liu Wen, and Hanne Gaby Odiele, the denim staple is making a bid to replace the leather bomber as model-off-duty topper of choice. This summer, bona fide celebs (Cameron Diaz) and burgeoning trendsetters (Pippa Middleton) alike have been spotted layering snug, faded ones over feminine looks for an edgy update. – Aug. 4, 2011 via

Truly a classic article of clothing, you can always guarantee to pull out a denim jacket about every other year, when the trend has returned mainstream. This fall season the classic Levi’s cut jacket is what can be found in all the mainstream fashion magazines available by fashion brands ranging from Marc Jacobs, Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy, Coldwater Creek, Rock & Republic, Banana Republic and of course, The Gap.

When picking a new denim jacket consider the following style elements:

The Cut & Style: Do you want a classic, blazer, bomber style or the over-sized style? Choose a style that looks best with your body type. From long sleeves to ¾ length, all are fashionable. For an edgy look find for a modern style with studs or a motorcycle jacket cut with asymmetrical zippers. Also consider a denim vest which are pretty popular among celebrates in forward cities like London, NYC and Los Angeles.

The Wash: Anything goes! The classic acid was has made a huge comeback. Or you can opt for the basic dark denim color or faded blue wash.

The Fabrication: Avoid any styles where there is a stretch or synthetic blend because they tend to look out of date. By sticking to a 100% cotton fabrication, you will find how durable they are after dozens of washes, and how easy they can be for travel. Also try to go for a jean jacket that has a thicker weave so it will last long and be durable.

The Warmth: Let’s face it; denim jackets are not exactly the warmest item to put on if you are prone to becoming cold like me. Also, depending on your fall to winter season climate, you may want to consider getting a jean jacket with a fabric or fleece lining.


Do layer for the Fall! Wear your jean jacked on top of a bohemian style maxi dress or accessories your jacket with a knit scarf. Another trick is to layer the jacket on top of a sweater or hoodie. This not only creates added jacket insulation but also helps you stick to the trendy layering look. If you want an edgy look, layer the jacket on top of an unbuttoned flannel shirt and a tank top.

Do not wear head-to-toe denim in the same wash! The whole “matchy-matchy” denim look sadly has not returned since the 1990s. At most, consider a dark denim jacket with very light denim pant or trouser style.

Do wear it unbuttoned for a flattering and fashionable look. Buttoning jean jackets often look unflattering and can look of a denim shirt. Which currently is not in fashion.

Many of our clients ask, “How do I store my denim jackets in my custom closet system?” Hanging is always best, and the easiest way to grab your jacket on the go. If you have more than one jean jacket then hang them from lightest to darkest wash.

Rather fold your jacket? Well… here is what I used to do when working in high-end retail folding jackets to put in shelving:

  1. Lay the jacket out on a flat surface. Turn the collar down and button the top and bottom buttons of the jacket. Leave the other buttons undone to save time.
  2. Pick up the jacket and hold it by both the shoulders with the buttons facing you. Fold the jacket in half along the buttons, keeping the buttons at the front. The sleeves should be in back now.
  3. Turn the jacket to the side and pinch the shoulders with one hand. Run the other hand down the sleeves to align them.
  4. Fold the pair of sleeves diagonally across the jacket, and then fold the sleeve pair in half upon itself.
  5. Stack the jackets on top of each other for a symmetrical look on a shelf or place in a drawer.

Now you are fully aware that the denim jacket trend is back, its appropriate for all ages, and you even know how to store it in your custom closet organizer system. But wait…still not enough closet space in your home? Give Closet Factory a call at 1-800-838-7995 or using our form online.  The consultation is free.  

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