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Decorative Shoe Closet Solutions

In contrast to my prior do-it-yourself shoe organization postings I now wanted to show you some beautiful decorative shoe closet features. Closet Factory is known for stylish and functional custom closets and cabinetry. Needless to say, when it comes to accommodating shoes  they have some really great features, options and accessories for your shoe storage or to create a custom shoe closet.  As a new member to the Closet Factory team I was very impressed by the exceptional collection of closet organizer options and here are some of my favorite shoe storage accessories that we offer.

The featured image at the top of the post shows a chic glass cabinetry design with slanted shoe shelving. You can also implement the shoe project feature from my prior posting for shoe boxes on the flat shelving. Aesthetically I find this to be a beautiful way to separate different storage features within your closet. It really creates a feeling of walking into one of your favorite retail boutiques. Why not have a custom closet boutique within your home? In my opinion, this look is a great and luxurious feature!

This image directly above features a couple custom shoe shelving options.  As you can see the top couple shelving are flat and the bottom shelves are slanted with the lucite shoe stop feature. What I think is really cool about this design is the flat top shelves can be adjusted for boots, used for shoe boxes,  handbags, or even folded clothing!

The third image displays custom shoe cubbies. I find shoe cubbies to be a good option when storing shoes that are fabric such as athletic shoes and sandals. This is a great option for storing a large amount of shoes in a smaller space. However beware that non customizable shoe cubbies often do not give enough proper storage space and can risk having too small of a opening to accommodate your shoes.

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