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Decluttering Your Home

Many people want to have a neat home that is their personal oasis but the clutter in their house brings them anything but peace. It seems to be easier to ignore the mess than figuring out what to do with it. Having a clutter-free home is a great goal but can seem overwhelming. Many people have asked me how to get organized, and I give them the following advice.

Develop A Plan

The best way to start is to create a plan. Rather than looking at the big picture of cleaning the whole house, break up the project into smaller parts by focusing on one room at a time. Begin by choosing the easiest room in the house. Whether it is a guest room, the living room or a small bathroom, the sooner you can get the first room complete, the more encouraged you will be to continue. If a room on the list cannot be organized in a single cleaning session, break up the room into smaller projects.

Only Do Small Projects

It is easy to get discouraged when you start on an area and half way through a cleaning session, you get tired, bored or frustrated and abandon your work. It seems there is more mess than before. Rather than working inefficiently, do only small projects such as cleaning out a drawer or wiping off a dresser and rearranging pictures and knick knacks.

Set Declutter Appointments

Finding time in your busy schedule can be random events that do not happen often. It is much better to make dates with yourself or block off time in your calendar to work on an area of your home. You can set aside half a day on the weekend but for most people dedicating 30 minutes a day is more successful. Set a timer so you only work in small spurts.

Reward Yourself

Every time you declutter a room, celebrate by doing something special for yourself. Whether it is getting flowers for your new room, buying a new outfit or going out to dinner, rewards give you something to look forward to. They will encourage you to continue working towards the overall goal of having a clutter free home.

Continued Success

Once you clean an area, develop systems to manage future clutter coming into the space. For example, in your home office, set up baskets to sort mail. Make sure to throw out all junk mail so nothing piles up. File things you need to keep weekly or scan important papers in your computer so you can shred any new papers that you receive.

Following these tips has proven successful for many people. If you have a desire to have a clutter-free home, all you have to do is get started. Within a few weeks you can make a huge difference towards accomplishing your goal. Just think what it will be like creating a home that is something you will enjoy and will rejuvenate your spirit.

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