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Customized Closets: It’s All About Adjustability

One of the most important developments in closet design is without a doubt adjustable closet systems, in which rods and shelves can be easily moved up and down the paneled units. Not only do they allow for a wide range of closet configurations, our adjustable rods and shelves also let you easily change the entire closet as your needs change. Closet Factory’s Bryan Mueller shows how it’s done:

Both hanging rods and shelves adjust up and down the panels in 1 1/4-inch increments through a bored hole system, allowing you to move them without using any tools. Your designer can incorporate units of the same widths so that the rods and shelves can easily move throughout the entire closet system.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you develop a passion for boots next season—you can dedicate a shelf or two for all those great new styles by simply raising the shelves high enough for the boots to stand up.

With adjustable hanging rods you can adapt your closet by season—giving yourself lots of short hanging space for summertime outfits, then changing to long hanging space for coats and slacks during the colder months.

Whether your wardrobe grows, changes or needs to make room for other storage, adjustable closet systems are the best way to keep up with the changes … and keep you organized.

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