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How To Customize Your Wall Bed Design

Wall beds, Murphy beds, whatever you want to call them, are a popular space saving trend in interior design. Consumers have been nesting, staying home more. Many want to maximize all the space in their home so they can have a home office, playroom or library. If you are in need of extra space in a room or have guest stay over often, one way to maximize the sleeping space is to have a custom built wall bed.

The coolest things about custom wall beds by Closet Factory are the variety of designs and finishes available. Not to mention, they are easy to lift up and turn back into a clean wall unit that then opens up the space in the rest of the room. But lets take this customization of the wall beds a step further. Here are some creative ways to make turn your wall bed from basic to breathtaking.

Custom headboard: Whether you want to make a DIY project and create a cool satin padding headboard or want a custom wood headboard built into your murphy bed. Headboards can be custom mad or can be added after the Murphy bed is installed and secured to the frame or the wall.

Pictures or Artwork: Many people have gotten creative by hanging stylish collages of family or their interests. Other prefer to use framed pictures which can look great but you must make sure that anything you have hanging over your head is secured or bolted to the wall.

Stylish Bedding: If your murphy bed is for personal use or just an extra bed in the home for guests, do not neglect using stylish bedding! You don’t have to go all out with tons of pillows and duvet covers, although some people do to make their guest more comfortable. A less expensive, yet still stylish option, is getting a simple “bed in a bag” collection that includes the pillow cases, cover, and sheets you need for a guest room.

Wall Sticker or Decal: These can be found at many craft stores or even online stores if you are looking for a particular decal pattern to match the theme of your room! This is a great accent above the bed against a bare wall.

Wallpaper: Depending on your personal aesthetic using a good quality wallpaper with a print that works with both the style of the room, wall bed unit and colors of the space. For an inexpensive price this can really add a sophisticated touch. My favorite wallpaper trends are the various colors, shades and patterns of Damask.

Multifunctional Custom Add-ons: If you are looking to create a very stylish higher-end wall unit with your Closet Factory Designer, you should consider having an addition of the features like custom cabinetry like bookcases, built in lighting, entertainment units, and even a custom desk.

Custom Headboard, Pull-out End Tables, Lighting – Closet Factory

Wall beds are great in a lofts, condominiums, smaller bedrooms, spare rooms, home offices, or can even be incorporated into family room. Wall beds allow for additional room function when easily lifted back into place giving a camouflage wall cabinetry or armoire appearance.

Our Next Post Will Discuss:

  • Adding custom cabinetry
  • Lighting built into the cabinetry like sconces
  • Built-in pullout night stands
  • Incorporating a desk unit in the design
  • Adding built-in bookcases
  • Incorporating an entertainment center in the wall bed unit

Whether you want a contemporary, classic or modern look Closet Factory wall beds are available to be custom built around your aesthetics, room space and storage needs! Check out the Wall Beds section of our website!

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