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How a Custom Closet Grows with You

What a brilliant move on your part to order a custom closet system. You’ve been enjoying your well-organized closet with a place for everything and everything in its place for years but now, something is a little off. Your double hanging closet system is getting a little crowded and you’ve resorted to hanging your shirts in the long hanging section, which means you have to find another place for your coats. The new shoes you bought last week are still in their box since you haven’t quite figured out where to put them in your already overflowing shoe shelf. And, you’ve already gone through your wardrobe and donated clothing to charity that you no longer need. Now what?

Don’t worry, this situation is not your fault. It happens to everyone. You, being a fashion forward individual, are just outgrowing your custom closet, and that’s ok. The beauty of a custom closet is that not only is it designed just for you but it’s also designed to be adjustable, versatile and easy to add-on when your wardrobe expands.

Depending on your new needs, you can get a closet unit that is one half shoe shelves while the other half houses a short hanging clothes rod, which will accommodate your growing shoe collection and shirts. Or, if your short hanging clothes are taking over your closet, then you can get a double hanging unit to accommodate your clothing. Should you, in the future, whittle down your clothes but realize you need more shoe space, you can always remove one of the clothes rods and insert shoe shelves.

Custom Shoe Shelves

Shelving units give you the most in versatility because the shelves are adjustable to accommodate the height of whatever you need to store, and can even be removed if you want to add baskets and metal slides later. Although drawers can’t be moved, the shelves, cubbies or clothes rod above them can be reconfigured. If you have a closet unit with short hanging shelves, there is an adjustable clothes rod underneath that allows you to transform this section into a long hanging section by simply removing some of the shelves.

Don’t hesitate to contact your closet designer when you find yourself in need of advice regarding how to best rearrange your closet system – or if you are just not sure whether you need an addition to your custom closet or not. Your professional closet designer is there to guide you in the optimization of your available space even when you run of it. And, they’re knowledgeable and experienced in helping you find storage solutions any time your organizational needs change.


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