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How to Create a Mudroom in Your Small Apartment

Mudrooms have recently been surging in popularity due to a renewed commitment by families around the country to declutter their spaces. Homeowners have been finding ways to free up space to incorporate a mudroom equipped with cabinetry, adequate lighting, and dedicated hanging areas.

However, apartment owners, especially ones in big metropolitan cities, rarely get to enjoy a dedicated dumping ground for their stuff. The obvious lack of space and the apartment’s layout are usually the main hindrances.

Don’t worry — there’s still a way for apartment dwellers who live in the smallest of apartments to reduce clutter that enters their home with a mudroom. It may not be a full-fledged one like you see in homes, but it gets the job done.

Here are some tips you can follow to create your own apartment mudroom.

Invest in cubbies

Cubbies are great because they maximize vertical storage space and separate items into their own compartments. They are especially handy if you have kids, as you can store children’s belongings such as snow boots, sports equipment, toys, and backpacks in their own individual slots. Building up a routine of storing frequently used items in cubbies drastically reduces the clutter brought into the home because it stops the instinctive process of unloading everything in the middle of the room when people come home.

Place hooks and baskets

Apartments obviously lack floor space, but that shouldn’t discourage you from using your available wall space. If you’re fortunate to have an apartment with a dedicated hallway, attach a series of hooks to hang essential items such as hats, gloves, and bags.

Baskets are great near doors along with the hooks, because they can be used to place small objects like mail. Large baskets can be used for storing umbrellas.

Add a rug near the door

Adding some sort of extra flooring near the front door is especially helpful for those who live in apartments that are located in areas of varying climates. By creating a designated area that is separate from your home, you can keep all dust, dirt, snow, and debris within boundaries. We recommend a small rubber rug, as it can be washed easily.

Create a space to just “let it go”

Sometimes we just want to unwind and unload everything all at once after a hard day. Clear up some dedicated space to do just that. Having an area to basically just toss everything is not only good for your mental health (goodbye stress!) but it keeps a bulk of clutter out of the home.

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