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Why Color Matters In Your Home Office

The ultimate dream closet usually means a large walk-in closet with plenty of dedicated space for wardrobe, shoes and accessories. Today’s makeover story follows the journey of a couple who while fortunate enough to have a large closet, knew it was not measuring up to its potential.

(“After” photos by Don Riley)

Dominated by a center peninsula, the closet had barely enough space remaining to walk around. It also completely blocked the back wall, so that the couple had to squeeze behind it to see their clothing. The perimeter was filled with a maze of DIY shelving, a hanging canvas shoe holder and stacked plastic storage bins.

The homeowners were dissatisfied not only in the lack of organization but also in how it looked. They had the advantage of working with professionals, including a contractor, an interior designer and Colorado Closet Factory owner/designer Polly Lestikow, to start over.

“The original closet was designed so poorly, but that’s what made it interesting,” says Lestikow. Closet Factory was definitely up for the challenge.

After all of the old fixtures were removed, the closet’s spacious interior was apparent. Lestikow designed a large central island into the plan. “Basically it’s like a built-in dresser to store T-shirts and socks in an efficient way,” she explains. Beautiful countertop surfaces from a local tile and stone company anchored that built-in effect.

Other special features included belt and tie racks, slanted shoe shelves and clever use of space below the window for additional folded items. Lestikow provided materials and finishes to complement the interior designer’s soft, contemporary look.

The end result is a dramatic transformation for the homeowners and also demonstrates Closet Factory’s ease in working with other contractors and designers. Each location offers a huge selection of materials, finishes, hardware and embellishments from decorative wood molding to specialty glass.

Want to know more about how our custom designs can transform your own closets? Get in touch with your local Closet Factory designer soon!

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