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Why Closet Factory Is Not Just Another Closet Company

As a Closet Factory designer I often get asked, “Aren’t all closet companies the same?” There is a simple answer:  No!

There are many similarities but there are even MORE differences. I have worked many years in construction and have studied the differences between custom closet companies. It is surprising how much misinformation is given to clients who don’t truly understand what they should be asking. Hopefully this will illuminate the subject.

Not every company will offer the same warranty. In fact, some companies don’t offer a guarantee of any kind. Make sure to ask each person what they offer and truly understand what it covers. Also, ask if you move will the closet still be under the warranty. The great thing about Closet Factory is we warranty everything we do, no matter who owns the organizer system. This is a great point when you sell your home.

Most companies do not offer REAL wood as a closet design option. Real wood adds durability as well as a very ‘rich’ look. Make sure to always see a sample. Some companies may say that it is wood, but it is really a woodgrain-melamine laminate.

Some use a ‘wall hung’ system while others use a ‘floor based’ system as the custom closet structure. Wall hung systems are partial systems that are hung on a rail along the back wall. It is the same concept as hanging furniture on your wall. Walls are meant to hang pictures and separate rooms – not hold furniture. A floor based can hold much more weight and is a longer lasting product.

Each company will design your space differently and the price will vary by design. So when making a decision you must look at what is most important and start there. Also look VERY close at each design since the more parts you have the more the cost and the fewer the parts the more cost effective it tends to be.

Be suspicious of large price differences. Some companies will cut parts to get the price down which may not be useful to you once it is installed. This technique is known as “designing light” and is not good for you, the consumer. The price difference may also come from cutting corners in the quality of materials.

Last thing to look at is the closet designer who came to your home. Were they knowledgeable? Were they helpful? Did they take the time to get to know YOUR needs? Afterall, it IS YOUR home not theirs. The best Designers take the time to get to know you and ask you a lot of questions. They will work with you to determine the best design for how you use your closet.

I hope these few points of interest are insightful and aid you on your decision of which closet company to use for YOUR next home renovation project! Of course, I did my own study and chose the best company to work for based on everything that I know and my experience.

Written by: Richard Spencer of Closet Factory Los Angeles

For more information on what to expect when working with our professional designers visit the Closet Design Process page.

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