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Clearing out Your Closets for Fall

As the summer comes to an end and the weather becomes cooler; it is time to re-organize your closet and get ready for the Fall and Winter seasons. This is a great time to review your wardrobe and purge any items you don’t need or want. As you are go through your closet divide things into 3 piles; Retire, Donate and Keep.

RETIRE– these are items you can no longer wear or don’t wear because of wear and tear. This includes stained items, items with holes and tears, and extremely faded items.
DONATE– you should consider donating items that are in good condition that you can’t wear or haven’t worn in the last year.
KEEP– These are the clothes you are saving for next summer. Store these items neatly so they are in good condition for next year. If you have spare space in your closet you can store these garments on your top shelf, if not store out of season clothes in a storage container or cedar chests.

Now that you have the summer clothes out-of-the-way, the fun really begins. It’s time to start organizing your Fall/Winter wardrobe!

When arranging your closet for fall, coordinate the separates by color. This will make it easier to get dressed in the morning. For thicker items like sweaters, fold and stack them on the top shelf so they can be seen easily. Hang other shirts and tops on the top rod, grouped by color and style. Save the bottom rod for pants and skirts also grouped together by color and style. This will end morning stress, because it will be easy to find your favorite jeans or dress shirt.

Another morning time saver is to use a Valet Rod. It’s a simple accessory that installs in your closet to help you arrange your outfit the night before. All you have to do is select your outfit and hang it on the rod and everything is right there ready for you unwrinkled and crease free. If you don’t have a valet rod then find a safe place to lay the outfit out so it will be ready in the morning. No more wasting time searching for the one shirt you forgot to wash over the weekend.

Boots and shoes should all be stored in the same place. If you have adjustable shelving you may need to remove some of the shelves to make room for tall and over the knee boots. If you like to store shoes and boots in boxes, it is a good idea to take a picture of the pair and tape it to the outside of the box. This will make it easier for you to identify the correct pair.

Find a space for all of your belts, scarves and ties; you can try using a sliding belt rack, sliding tie rack or scarf rack to keep these accessories organized. Now that your closet is ready for fall you can survey your wardrobe and see what else is needed.

What is your favorite go-to item for the Fall?

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