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Celebrity Style Closets Within Your Budget

Celebrity Style Walk in Closet

Stylish Walk In Closet: by Closet Factory Dallas

Do you ever wish that you could have unlimited resources like the celebrities you see on TV? Of course, we all do! Most of my clients always find themselves longing for the lavish clothing, shoes and the beautiful custom closets that are shown on many reality TV series.  After all, that is why some of my clients call Closet Factory in the first place. We can not only replicate what you see, but we have designed some that are even more amazing!

Today, more than ever, is the time to make yourself feel like that movie star, prince or princess!  A custom closet is more within your reach than ever. The options are endless! The Expressions section of our website can get you started with everything you want to add and help you to find the style that you love.

I can’t tell you how many times I have met a new customer who might think that their consultation is just wishful thinking. They think that a new, organized closet will be beyond their means. The good news? There is always an option for every budget. There is always a design for the smallest little area or the biggest space in the house. Whether large or small, a gorgeous and organized space awaits you after your design consultation.

This year should be the time to finally do something for YOU! Treat yourself to an organized and attractive space every morning. What’s a better way to start your day than walking into an organized and amazing closet?

Visit Closet Factory’s “Expressions” section for the choice of styles, colors, products, layers, and organizational functionality to suit your custom closet needs. Receive a FREE custom closet design consultation and learn how you can get organized for the new year.

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Each of our custom systems is completely personalized and begins with a complimentary design appointment.

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What should I expect?

During the consultation you and a designer will discuss goals, desires, and project budget, with the aim of designing an organization system that will:

  • Turn your dream into reality
  • Organize you efficiently
  • Create space for everything
  • Maximize the space
  • Create optimum visibility
  • Preserve personal items
  • Add value to the home
  • Harmonize with your décor