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Best Wardrobe Accessories to Include in Your Custom Closet

At the Closet Factory in St. Louis, Missouri, we sell hundreds of  wardrobe accessories to keep you organized!  These accessories are what really tailor the functionality of a custom wardrobe closet to the way you want to use it.

Functional Options

MOST POPULAR:  Valet Rod – great for putting together your outfit, or hanging dry cleaning while distributing your clothing in the closet, or for temporarily hanging of an item you may need to iron.

EVERYONE NEEDS AT LEAST ONE:  Belt Rack – both men and women have belts and using a belt rack to organize and display them is perfect.  These can be mounted directly to the wall in order to make the best use of space, or put on a slide to build directly into your wardrobe closet system.

WOMEN’S FAVORITE:  Double Jewelry Drawer – This is one of the coolest accessories available for making the transition to a truly custom closet.  These velvet or felt drawer lines have dividers to keep your jewelry nicely organized and accessible.

Aesthetic Options

MOST DRAMATIC:  Backing – While our systems do not require backing, you can include backing in your project!  Backing provides a truly built in look, while also giving you a very durable surface that you do not have to paint!

MOST VALUE:  Crown Molding –  Crown molding provides a very finished built in look.  You can use crown that fits with the style of your home.  This provides a tremendous amount of look with out much cost.

FOCAL POINT:  Arch with Onlay – When a closet system is being installed and you want to add “look” without spending a large sum, you can simply create a focal piont with one section of the closet making it a different height, adding an arch and putting a couple small onlays on the arch.  Viola!  The look of the entire closet has significantly changed!

These are just a few of the hundreds of options we offer to get your wardrobe organized!  Make this fun and see how cool you can make your closet, while staying in your budget.

By Carl Alsbach – President of Closet Factory in St. Louis, Missouri. Visit our Expressions page to view all of our available accessories.  Download and view a compilation of our most popular closet accessories

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