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The Best Space Saving Hangers For Your Closet

A closet full of wire hangers can be the most dangerous place in the world. – Paul Lynde

“No wire hangers! EVER!” the infamous Faye Dunaway quote from the 1981 movie Mommy Dearest, is one of my favorite film quotes of all time. But actually, wire hangers in your closet are a pain and I do not recommend them at all.  They tend to get crossed over each other and tangled together on the closet hanging rod… so when I reach for one top I may end up with 4 additional hangers intertwined. Wire hangers will also bend under the weight of the clothing they are holding. However, my biggest issue is that they can disfigure the shape of the garment, especially the shoulder area.

The best hanger solution I found was thanks to my dear mother. About 3 years ago she introduced me to Huggable Hangers, which is now been copied and similar version can be purchased at many mass retailers. In my experience these hangers are the best way to keep hung clothing neatly in place. Because of the velvet lining I do not have to worry about the straps falling down thus the garment will not fall down.  Check out this video that shows another version of these velvet hangers and how great they are for saving space.

I like to be consistent with the hangers that I use throughout my closet. The benefit to these hangers is that they are has thin as a wire hanger yet are velvet lined.  They come in a full spectrum of colors and because of the velvet, the straps will not fall off and the garment stays perfectly in place!In my experience these hangers increased my usable rod space in my closet space!  Another great feature about these hangers is that they are as thin as a wire hanger but sturdy enough to hold a long winter wool coat! Let me know if you use velvet hangers in your closet space and how they work for you.

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