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How To Create A Beautiful Accent Wall

How To Create A Beautiful Accent Wall

Accent walls make a beautiful addition to any room, but choosing the right colors, styles, and patterns can be quite difficult. We’ve provided some ideas about color and patterns below in the hopes that you’ll be inspired to create your own beautiful accent wall!

  1. Go Dark:

    A purple living room with yellow couchTraditional accent walls use deep pigmented colors, but these colors are often brighter such as greens or blues. Instead, consider leaning towards greys, dark blues or greens, or even blacks. You’ll create a dramatic feeling in any room you employ this in, but dark walls will be particularly interesting in the dining room or living room where they’ll create a unique atmosphere for socialization.

  2. Be Bold:

    For rooms where energy is important, don’t be afraid to make your accent wall energetic as well! Bright colors like reds, oranges, pinks, as well as tropical blues and greens can really make a room feel bright and lively. These colors are great for pairing with exciting patterns, especially natural patterns like flowers.

  3. Use Wallpaper:

    Wallpaper might seem like a somewhat dated design idea, but wallpaper has become quite trendy in the last decade. This isn’t your grandmother’s floral print white wallpaper; you can find bold patterns in exciting colors. You can fully commit with traditional wallpaper or just give it a try with a peel-and-stick option. Wallpapers are great for entryways and guest bedrooms. Find places where it will have an effect on guests and not have the opportunity to become boring to you.

  4. Create A Mural:

    Creating a mural is actually quite easy to do yourself, and depending on your skillset you can go anywhere from a simple geometric design to more complicated stencil designs. Geometric designs are easy to create with a few rolls of good quality masking tape. Paint the wall in the color your want your outlines to be, then apply the tape in the design or pattern you want. Just fill in the shapes you’ve created, peel the tape off, and be amazed at the fun, colorful design you’ve created!Bedroom with Blue and White Flowers
    You can also purchase amazing murals from companies who specialize in this type of product. Especially if the room you want the mural in isn’t particularly colorful, a more interesting shape would go a long way without having to introduce more color.
    Murals are excellent in bathrooms, play rooms, or kids rooms. Kids enjoy more interesting patterns, and an interesting mural can absolutely transform a bathroom from a utilitarian room into a pleasant place to be.

  5. Panel Up The Walls:

    Wainscoting and wall paneling can be an awful lot for most houses, but a paneled accent wall looks amazing in any home. The beauty of a well-crafted wall panel will uplift any room, particularly quieter spaces like offices and bedrooms. Paint your paneling to match the wall it’s on, paint it a contrasting or complimenting color, or if you were able to use nice wood, just a few coats of an appropriately tinted lacquer will really make your paneling pop.

  6. Use Interesting Materials:

    Your accent wall doesn’t have to get it’s pop from color or pattern. You can also use material to create the unique component of your accent wall. Consider board and batten, shiplap, reclaimed wood, or even tile for an accent wall. Especially if your home is older, revealing the structure underneath is a great wall to create an accent wall. Cut away some drywall to reveal the brick or stone underneath. As brick and stone can feel somewhat cool and dry, these accent walls can be used in bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens.

  7. An Accent Ceiling:

    Exposed wood ceilingThis is an excellent version if the accent wall if your ceiling is unique in some way already. Whether it matches the roof pitch, has exposed beams, or is even just particularly tall, transforming your ceiling into an accent ceiling is arguably the most dramatic version of the accent wall. Since your accent is on the ceiling, the accent needs to be bold to be noticed. Dramatic wood designs work great as an accent ceiling, while ceilings with exposed beams provide an opportunity to make use of the space between beams.

  8. Add To The Wall:

    Rather than the focus of your accent wall being the wall itself, you can instead create an accent wall using wall mounted art. Concentrate your wall decorations on one wall or pick a theme and find items to add to your wall over time. You can create the same effect using plants, which has added mental health benefits! These types of accent walls work best in social areas where they can encourage conversation.