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Apps to Help You Organize Your Pregnancy

There really is an app for everything, including your pregnancy. Nurturing a child to birth isn’t easy, but luckily there is a plethora of apps out there for the various hurdles you may face along the way.

Some of the amazing things they’re able to help you do include charting your fertility if you’re trying to conceive, suggesting baby names to you if you can’t decide between Nancy and Janet, helping to keep you fit with pregnancy fitness tips, and, of course, keeping track of how your baby is doing at a particular point in your pregnancy.

Since the number of apps available is way more than the number you need, we’ve narrowed it down to the following we believe will best help you on your road to delivery.

(All apps listed in this article are available for both iOS and Android)

Full Term

Full Term is an app that times your contractions. It comes with a timer and a time log so that you can keep track of all of them. In addition, there is a handy baby kick counter for your use as well.

Menstruation and Ovulation Calendar

This app lets you make notes to track the times when you’re most fertile. The interface is very clean and can have its colors changed if you prefer. If you’re an Apple Watch owner, there’s a special version of the app for your wrist as well.

Prenatal Pilates

If you’re serious about fitness, this Prenatal Pilates has a long list of Pilates exercises for you to do in your prenatal stage of pregnancy. Every exercise has clear images of trainers, making them a cinch to follow, as well as easy-to-access buttons to help you transition from one pose to the next without hurting anything (or anyone!).

Baby Names

If you have absolutely no idea on what to name your future child, Baby Names can assist you in choosing the best one. Every name is separated into pink (for girls), blue (for boys), and yellow (for unisex). You can view the origin of each name, how many babies were given that name in a year, and even how popular it’s been over time.

I’m Expecting Pregnancy App and Baby Guide

Curious as to how your baby is doing on a certain day of your pregnancy? With this app, you can see exactly how they’re doing with statistics such as approximately how big it is, how many days till you meet the little fella, and videos with tips on how to deal with certain problems you might run into on any given day.

My Baby’s Beat

Lastly, we have My Baby’s Beat which is an app that tracks the heartbeat of your baby. The app works best when you’re lying down on your back and holding the mic of your smartphone to your stomach. The app also lets you sample heartbeats of moms so you can be assured as to whose heartbeat you are hearing. You can also record and save the audio clips throughout your pregnancy.

Now, Take it Easy!

Hopefully, these apps can help you focus on your job, which is staying healthy, getting lots of rest, and preparing for the inevitable day when you meet your little toddler.

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