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Ah Winter!

I absolutely LOVE the fall and winter; It starts off with the spooky season of Halloween. Then it blends into the smelly, tasty, good Thanksgiving holiday, stuffing us full before sending us into a wintertime gift-giving frenzy until we’re finally ringing in another New Year!

We have a lot to look forward to this season, as Halloween was dressed up in antique whites and black glitter (at least around here!). My heart went a flutter when I saw the regal purple and black Halloween decorations at Target but now I’m all about the airy and light baubles that will be gracing chic homes this winter.

We started off this year with hope, fear, and change. And now we’re ending it “Expressing Our Dreams” (which, by the way, was this year’s theme at the Christmas World show).

We’ve seen a retro trend from the 60’s popping up in designs all year and now we’re beginning to see a nod to the 70’s with disco inspired glitz and glam; Shiny trinkets, glass and crystal, coupled with an organic harmony. Trend colors are keeping with the white we’ve seen, but now it’s textured and patterned with sea-foam green and grays for a dreamy look, or bright, bold magenta with canary yellow and emerald green for an optimistic feeling.

When you’re decorating for the holidays, look to the New Year and the dreams and goals to which you aspire. Use these as inspiration to the feeling or look you are going for.

For me, when I look ahead, I see dreams soaring into reality, a thought resembled by glitter dusted birds, glass baubles, and white lighted twigs.

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