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Addicted to Shoes? Shoe Storage Tips For Big Collections!

Custom designed shoe wall for Mary Alice Stephenson's large collection.

Custom designed shoe wall for Mary Alice Stephenson’s large collection.

Okay, ladies, we’re talking to all of you who have 50, 60, even 100 pairs of shoes. Since we need to keep your clothes in your closet, there are a couple of things you can do to accommodate all those shoes, such as:

Stash the boots. Those dreaded boots take up so much space. So, let’s take a picture of them, tape each photo to the box and store them at the top of your closet.

Relocate the proverbial glass slippers. We all have the dressy shoes that we only wear a handful of times during the year. Why not store the same as the boots-snap a photo, tape it to the box, and keep them out of the way until needed.

We’re still left with quite a few pairs. Well, we have space for only so many…hmmm…what to do?

Store sideways. If you have lots of flats, store them toe to heel and soles together. Place them in your shoe shelves sideways. You can still see what you have but can fit two pairs where one fit before.

Organize by type. Put your running shoes and all athletic shoes on the shelves at the bottom of your closet. Keep the 5-6 pairs you wear all of the time at eye level. You will be able to reach them easily and quickly. And when you take them off in the evening it will be obvious where they go.

Stake a new claim. Consider converting another space in your home for shoe storage! Some people convert a linen closet or even an entire unused room just for extra closet space.

Lucite Slanted Shoe Shelves for Jill Zarin's wall unit.

Lucite Slanted Shoe Shelves for Jill Zarin’s wall unit.

What do you know? All of your shoes are stored and organized, with the shoes that are worn most often readily available. Whew…you’ve earned a rest.

PS… If you still are having trouble with your shoe organization, call or make an appointment with a Closet Factory expert for a custom closet organizer. We offer free consultations and are always ready to help!

By Julie Georgedes, Los Angeles Closet Factory Designer

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