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Abby’s Dream Closet

To celebrate the Closet Factory and Woman’s Day Magazine Dream Closet Giveaway, I thought about what my own dream closet might look like. It’s something like this.

In a boundless and borderless world of custom closets I would have to take an historical approach and model mine after one of history’s most notorious shoppers and extravagant fashion figures, Queen Marie Antoinette. Her closets and wardrobe were legendary even among her contemporaries. The first stop the angry mob made in the storming of the Tuileries was the queen’s closets and dressing rooms.

The closets required to house a clothing, jewelry and shoe collection that was partly responsible for bankrupting the French Empire, were vast. Vast, as in entire rooms dedicated to them in Versailles and off-site in the Petit Trianon. And it is well noted that she wore nothing twice.

I would incorporate into my dream closet the daily dressing ritual that involved at least 20 courtiers and ladies in waiting. My French monarch’s closet would also include three mirrored and paneled dressing rooms. There would be room for my hairdressers, dressmakers and stylists and of course my elaborate hats and hairpieces. I would also have stately onsite shops installed, much like the ones at Versailles that existed only to fulfill the queen’s orders.

There would have to be enough room for the various milkmaid and shepherdess dresses required for my elaborate model farm. Jewelry storage would be essential, enough to house my vast collection of everyday and evening baubles, and of course room enough for a diamond necklace that could help fuel a revolution.

All of this minus the angry mob and guillotine, I would leave that out.

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