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5 Tips on Storing Out of Season Clothes

Out of season clothes

Depending on where you live, your wardrobe may change drastically as the seasons change. For some people, their closet situation could be in disarray because they don’t know what to do with out of season clothes. To help those of you out who struggle with this, here are five tips on storing out of season clothes.

1. Always clean wardrobe before storing them long term

bundle of clothes

It’s safe to assume that most people know that they shouldn’t store dirty clothes long term. When it comes to wardrobe that isn’t cleaned often like a thick winter jacket, it can be easy to overlook that these items can be filled with stains and dirt that aren’t noticeable at a quick glance. Even if you think everything is clean, it is better to be safe than sorry and clean them again before setting them aside for storage. If you don’t clean them, stains can darken and removing them will become more challenging.

2. Avoid cardboard boxes

don't store out of season clothes in dirty cardboard box

Cardboard boxes are the go-to option when people want to store something long term. Other than moving, you should never store clothes in a cardboard box. If they get wet, it will lead to mildew. Cardboard boxes will also do a terrible job of keeping bugs from getting into your clothes. Instead, opt for plastic containers with a lid which are easy to obtain and won’t cost much.

3. Use a garment rack with a built-in cover for hanging items

store out of season clothes

For delicate items like dresses and suits, you are going to want to give them a bit more attention than simply folding them into a container. Instead, invest in a garment rack with a built-in cover. This will allow you to keep those items hung and safe from dust and bugs. While something like this might sound expensive, they are fairly cheap and can be placed just about anywhere.

4. When space is at a premium, vacuum seal your wardrobe

vacuum seal clothes for storing out of season clothes

Vacuum sealing your wardrobe will suck the air out and reduce the size to a fraction of the initial volume. That is great for those who are unsure what to do with items they have no intention to use and don’t have the space to keep them in the closet. Vacuum sealing wardrobe also gives you the benefit of protection from dust and moisture. The downside of vacuum sealing for an extended period of time is that some items made of natural fibers like cotton need air to retain its shape. So, unless you have to, it may be best not to vacuum seal.

5. Store in a cool, dry place

linen storage boxes for closet

Avoid storing out of season clothes somewhere that gets a lot of sunlight or is prone to moisture. While the garage or attic is a great spot in theory, they are not ideal for clothes. Better storage locations would be a spare linen closet, the top shelf of your bedroom closet, or under the bed.

Properly storing clothes that are out of season will keep them in pristine condition and help keep your main closet clean and organized. For more home organization inspiration, visit our blog and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.