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5 Genius Storage Ideas For Kids’ Rooms

Keeping your children’s spaces clean can be an incredibly demanding task.

As adults, most of us develop a sense of guilt and pick up after ourselves sooner or later. Children, on the other hand, don’t typically understand why tidying up is necessary, and will nonchalantly leave things scattered over the floor or on a dresser unless they’re explicitly taught or told to clean up after themselves.

It’s important to help children develop good organizational habits, as their brains are more absorbent during adolescence. Believe it or not, there are several ways you can play an active role in helping your children build these skills, making it easier for them to organize their own stuff. Here are some smart and creative storage solutions for your kids’ rooms.

Color-coordinating bookshelves

If your child is an avid reader or just has a ton of books, one fun way to store their collection is to color-coordinate their bookshelves. Children typically look for a book to read based on what it looks like, rather than the text on the cover or spine. Not only does this give bookshelves the appearance of a rainbow, it makes it easier for your child to grab the book he or she wants to read.

Label drawers & baskets by days of the week

Help your children learn to get dressed on their own by preparing outfits for each day of the week in advance, and then storing them in designated drawers. Every morning before school, all your child has to do is walk over to his or her closet, open the drawer for that day, and put on that outfit. Easy for them, easy for you.

Use mason jars to store crayons and other craft accessories

Keep things nice and tidy by organizing school supplies like scissors and crayons in mason jars (with lids!), as opposed to having one large container for them. The con of storing school supplies in something deep like a storage bin is that it can be difficult for children to find what they need at first glance. What happens when their crayon box gets buried beneath a heap of construction paper? It hardly gets used.

Hang clipboards to help organize your children’s schoolwork

A cool idea from Kylie M Interiors is a wall of clipboards for hanging your children’s schoolwork and art. Plus, you never know when a teacher may ask to see an old worksheet or test. Help your little ones stay one step ahead by creating an “archive” of their assignments.

Label baskets with pictures (not text)

Numerous sites list labeling baskets and bins as a tip, but how about labeling baskets and bins with pictures instead? If your child hasn’t learned to read yet, it’s obvious that he or she isn’t going to be able to find things no matter how well you label them. Picture allow even toddlers to begin understanding what it means to be organized.

Have any children’s storage tips you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.

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