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5 Advantages Of Having An Organized Custom Closet

Before we get into the 5 advantages, please take a moment and think about what your closet looked like this morning.  Was it packed with sweaters, sweats, hats and handbags piled up high on the shelf, piles of shoes, belts, and boxes on the floor, and the closet rod stuffed full of clothes jammed together?

Next, think about how long it takes you every day to pick out an outfit; 5 minutes, 10 minutes?  Is it hard to find the things you want to wear? Try to remember what your stress level is while you are picking out that outfit.  Do you feel just a bit frustrated, maybe like you’re going to be late for work?

Now, imagine opening your closet and having everything neatly stored and ready for use.  Imagine being able to put together your outfit as quickly as you can think “Blouse? Check… Skirt? Check… Shoes? Check… Undies? Check!”

So, now you have an understanding of what an organized custom closet can do for you.  Simply put, making the most of the space you have can make a world of difference when it comes to your closet.

Rather than just stating that having an organized closet is wonderful, we’re going to break it down into 5 specific advantages.

  1. More Space: A custom closet is designed specifically to maximize all of your space with shelving, hanging and drawers to accommodate all aspects of your wardrobe. A closet designer will create a configuration that is best suited for your lifestyle needs and makes your everyday clothing easily accessible.
  2. Saves Time: With a closet organizer system, everything has its place and you can find the garment you need quickly. You won’t waste time desperately hunting for something you know is hiding somewhere in your closet.
  3. Attractive Look: Let’s face it; an organized custom closet just looks great. The side benefit is that you now have an increased awareness and more pride in your clothing and your day-to-day appearance.
  4. Increases Home Value: Custom closets are high on the list of features that prospective homebuyers are looking for.  Realtors are keen to point out the custom closets in the master bedroom because they know they’ll be able to close the deal at a higher price.
  5. Saves Money: No more duplicate purchases; those times when you go buy another pair of black shoes because you can’t find the ones you just bought 3 months ago.  Fewer trips to the dry cleaners – your clothes don’t get as wrinkled when they’re not jammed in the closet.

Hopefully, we’ve made it easier for you to imagine what your life could be like if only your closet was organized.  If you want more information, or if you’d like to know what can be done with your closet, you can request a design consultation with one of our closet designers by calling 1-800-838-7995 or using our form online.  The consultation is free.  We’ll schedule a convenient time for our design consultant to come visit you and discuss the various ways you can customize your closet space.  In the meantime, feel free to visit our Custom Closets page, our Expressions section, and the Projects Gallery section for more ideas on layouts, accessories, and finishes.

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