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5 Accessories to Keep the Man in Your Life Organized in the Closet

Keeping his side of the closet neat and organized can be a chore for both of you. Especially if you don’t have the right elements in place that help eliminate the daily clutter that builds up over time. If you are considering a custom closet system then you should seriously consider incorporating these accessories into ‘his’ closet design.

Already have a built-in closet system? The addition of these 5 accessories can get his space under control and keep it well organized. Having a solid foundation such as a built-in closet system is the starting point. Some well placed rods and adjustable shelves go along way in terms of gathering his entire wardrobe and keeping it easily accessible and in one place.

  1. Built-in laundry hamper with a removable basket, or a removable canvas bag. Absolutely, this is a necessity fore keeping dirty clothing off the floor and out of the way. Some men like 2 hampers so that dry-cleaningnylon slanted hamper andbusiness wear stay in one and casual everyday stuff in the other. If the hamper is on the pricey side for you then purchase stacking closet baskets. They work the same but will not be hidden from sight.
  2. Pullout pants rack. Often men fold jeans in half and lay them on a big, long shelf or put them in drawers. Not the best practices since they have to dig in the pile to get the pair they want. This method has too much “mess”custom closet system potential. Some hang the slacks on a pant hanger and others fold them over a hanger. The best solution is to have them all in one place, neatly hanging, in a spot that’s it own space. Plus men have so few accessories with the ‘cool’ factor. This is one of them.
  3. Velvet, faux leather or suede lining in a drawer – a must! Men have need of a special place to drop their wallet, watch, billfold, i-pod, keys and valuable loose ends when he arrives home. I suggest adding a bit of luxury withcloset accessories the padded velvet option for the drawer bottom.
  4. Cubbies for t-shirts and sweaters work like a charm to keep folded clothing neat and tidy. Wide shelves are impossible to keep orderly while cubby compartments allow a pile of 4 to 6 items to stay nicely folded when you
    remove one from the stack. This is not the case when you have 2 or 3 rows or piles of folded clothing with nothing to hold the stuff upright and in place. If you already have a built-in closet system you can add clip-on-shelf dividers to create a cubby effect!
  5. Slatwall with an assortment of organizer racks and different size hooks. Slatwall is most often used in retail stores for display but we use it inbuilt in closet accessories closets. Perfect for utilizing wall space that would often go unused. It’s often difficult to find a good organization solution for odd shaped stuff like baseball caps, sunglasses and all sorts of miscellaneous items. Get belt racks, tie racks and even a gadget for temporary hanging such as clean dry-cleaning that is waiting to be hung in it’s proper place.



If you are ready to get to your closets organized contact us for a free design consultation. Our designers come to you with a complete selection of accessories and features sure to please your special man in need of organization!