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4 Ways to Improve Your Garage Organization

4 Ways to Improve Your Garage Organization

Many people find themselves unable to park their car in their garage because of all the stuff they’re storing there. I personally know someone whose four car garage is so disorganized he can’t even park a single car in it! If that sounds like you, it might be time to reorganize your garage so it can be used for its intended purpose. Here are 4 garage organization tips to help you clear up some space for your car!

Garage Cabinets

Cabinets do double duty: They provide a nice, contained way to organize things, and they allow you to store things more vertically than you otherwise can. Whether you buy an inexpensive sheet steel locking cabinet, use an old bookshelf, or have a custom Closet Factory system installed, cabinets are a great asset for an organized garage.

Overhead StorageA home garage with storage solutions and a car

Depending on how it is built, your garage might have horizontal beams running its width. If that’s the case, you have free, unused storage space just waiting to be taken advantage of! A couple of 3/8” plywood sheets make for a great surface to store less used items up high. You might need a ladder to reach these spaces, but since you won’t be accessing them often, it’s okay for it to take a little more work.

It’s easy to install overhead cabinets like the type you likely have in your kitchen. You can buy prefabricated ones from big-box retailers, or you can have a custom solution built exactly to your needs installed by Closet Factory. If neither of those options appeals to you, it’s not too difficult to build your own cabinets and install them on the walls above work spaces or other storage areas.

A garage with grey cabinets and wall hung storageWall Organization

There are lots of options to organize on your walls. Wall hooks can store your larger tools like brooms and shovels. Pegboards can serve a similar purpose for your smaller tools like hammers and wrenches. If you want to have a sleek look, maximum functionality, and total customizability, we recommend the Omni Track slat wall system. If you’re getting a custom garage from Closet Factory, Omni Track can help you store everything from rakes to bicycles on your garage walls.

Get Creative

Look around your garage. Do you see any spaces that are going unused? Are they the perfect shape for something you’ve been looking for a place to keep?

Do you have a strange alcove that doesn’t seem practical? Put a shelving unit in there, or stretch some rope across it and store your shovels there. Consider hanging cables, ropes, and chains from wall hooks or strung between roof beams. If you have larger power tools like band saws or table saws, consider making them part of your storage solution. Just make sure that whatever you’re storing on or near them is easy to remove when you want to use the tool.


Remember, the goal here is to make enough room in your garage to park your car. We don’t need your garage to be a storage paradise (just yet), we only want it to be functional for you and your family.

Once you’ve finished making it usable, consider taking the next step and making it ideal.

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