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4 Iconic Movie Closets that Could be Yours

Be honest – you drooled every time Carrie Bradshaw from HBO’s “Sex and the City” got changed in her humungous walk-in closet. It’s called ‘Closet Porn’, and even if the spaces exist within a fictitious story, the organization is oh so real.

Here are 5 iconic movie closets that could be yours today!

Carrie’s Closet in Sex and the City


Mr. Big may have finally popped the question, but we all know the real love of Carrie Bradshaw’s life is – and always will be – her closet, so much so that the first “Sex and the City” movie included a five-minute montage of the girls just cleaning it out!

Carrie’s second closet – a gift from her future husband — won fans over just as quickly with its charming ‘his and her’ walls. Could you imagine receiving an exact replica as an anniversary gift from your husband?

Talk about Husband of the Year!

Jenna’s Closet in 13 Going on 30


Anyone who’s anyone knows that being 13, well – it pretty much sucks. You can’t drive, or keep your skin from breaking out. So when Jenna Rinks suddenly wakes up as a 30-year-old fashion editor with one jaw-droppingly awesome closet, it’s a little moral victory for all of us.

Wish you could have an entire closet wall dedicated just to shoes? How about double and long-hanging sections on either side? Yes, and yes please.

Notice how the shoe shelf has been designed to accommodate all different shapes and sizes of boots and shoes. That’s the beauty of owning a custom closet!

Runway Magazine’s Closet in The Devil Wears Prada


Andrea Sachs may never have wanted to work for Runway Magazine, but once she caught a glimpse of that fashion closet, she was head over heels – high heels. Who can blame her? It’s not everyday you have access to the latest designer clothes and accessories FOR FREE.

But what really sets the space apart is the center island, which is large enough to lay out a week’s worth of outfits.

And did I mention the white melamine slanted shoe shelves? They’re as affordable as they are beautiful.

Jay Gatsby’s Closet in 1974’s Great Gatsby


Women aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a luxurious closet. Real men, like Jay Gatsby, know the value of feeling comfortable in your own home.

From the lounge chair in the center of the room, to the full-length vanity mirrors, this is no storage space – it’s a sanctuary.

Notice how the combination of melamine and wood shelves really brightens up this walk-in closet.

Which one of these iconic movie closets is your favorite?

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