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3 Reasons A Valet Rod Works In Every Custom Closet Design

Valet Rod In A Custom Closet Design
Valet Rod In A Custom Closet Design

When I am designing a custom closet for a client I always suggest they get a valet rod to help with their wardrobe organization. Most of the time the client asks, “What’s a valet rod?” I explain that it is a retracting rod and I rarely design a closet without one! The next question is always, “Why would I need that?” Well, since that is such a common question I wanted to let you know the 3 reasons this accessory will work for anyone’s closet:

Reason 1: Hang Garments to Avoid Wrinkling

It’s a handy place to hang dry cleaning when you bring it home. You no longer have to bring that dry cleaning and lay it down on the bed before you put it away. Therefore, the clothes do not get wrinkled. Just pull out your valet rod and hang up your clothes until you are ready to remove the plastic and put them away.

Reason 2: Time Saver

A valet rod is a time saver for planning outfits. You can pick clothes out the night before and hang them on the rod in your closet so they are ready to go in the morning. Then you are not scrambling last minute to find your outfit because it’s hanging right there.

Need to have your clothes picked out and ready to the next day? Again, pull out the valet rod and your clothes stay nice and tidy. No searching for the blouse that matches your pants in the morning.

Reason 3: Travel

It’s useful for packing before you travel. You can hang the garment bag or anything else you are trying to organize for packing. Going on a trip could never be easier than putting the clothes you’re taking on your valet rod and have them in one place instead of all over the room. Many people find that by hanging up outfits together in one place it is easier to pack more efficiently and not over pack.

Each valet rod is strong enough to hold enough weight for a garment bag and all of its contents. Once you know what you need to take, simply hang the garment bag on the valet rod and hang your items inside. A trick is to bring all of the sleeves forward together. It causes fewer wrinkles when you arrive to your destination.

My clients love their valet rods and often purchase more for their closets because of its usefulness. They thank me for suggesting them. A valet rod is really a must have when planning your closet so don’t forget to ask for one!

Written by: Closet Designer Julie Georgedes of Closet Factory Los Angeles