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3 Closet Accessories to Organize Your Special Events

The holiday season turns our homes into busy hubs of entertaining, gift-wrapping, card writing and so much more. That’s why it’s the perfect time to get creative with closet accessories such as a pant rack, tie and belt rack that have more uses than you might expect.

Here are 3 great ideas for maximizing your custom closet accessories:

1. Pant rack. This compact system contains pullout rods on a slideout frame that fits a dozen pairs of pants or more. During the holidays it has at least two other great uses—as a shawl/scarf holder and a place to store your favorite tablecloths.


2. Tie rack. The obvious use for a tie rack is to keep neckties visible and neat. Now with party season upon us, consider using the extra hooks (or add another rack) for special occasion necklaces you forgot you even had!


3. Belt rack. Here is another versatile accessory you can really get creative with. A series of curved hooks placed next each other are designed to hold belts securely by the buckle. Or hook your snow gloves, ski goggles and favorite winter scarf during ski season.

Watch our three videos to see how these accessories enhance a custom closet; then call your nearest Closet Factory to get a free design appointment. (Tip: enter your ZIP code on our home page to see the special promotions in your area.)

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